Online blackjack games in casino

The advantage of playing Blackjack online is that you can discover a multitude of different variations that you cannot find in traditional casinos. These variations sometimes make very slight changes, but others can greatly improve the player’s experience as well as reduce the house advantage. Testing out the different versions of Free Online Blackjack in demo mode is a good way to find out which variant is best for you. Here are the main ones that you will find on our guide.

European BlackJack:

The European Blackjack , this is the most common version, the difference with the American BlackJack predominantly in how to distribute the cards. The dealer will only deal one face up card to himself and will get his other cards once the players have finished drawing. The player can thus try to obtain a Blackjack or a 21 before the croupier. The rule of “the bank draws at 16 and stays at 17 is not systematically applied in this variant. Doubling is only possible if the player has a hand between 9 and 11.

American BlackJack:

In American Blackjack , the dealer deals an up and an invisible card to himself, once everyone has 2 cards, he can check if he has made Blackjack or not and can immediately win the game if he is the only one. to have blackjack. Apart from the way of dealing the cards which is different from the European version, you will find the abandonment exclusively in the American version. In addition, the possibility of doubling one’s bet is available regardless of the player’s combination.

BlackJack Live:

The Live Blackjack is ideal for playing blackjack online while sharing a moment with a real live dealer. This variant of blackjack has been made possible since publishers have casino rooms exclusively reserved for online players. This will allow you to communicate with the dealer through an online chat and enjoy a more entertaining gaming experience.

There are other online blackjack subtypes such as 5 Hand which allows you to play 5 games at a time, Single Deck to play only one game, Caribbean 21 which allows you to split two cards regardless of their value. and to double a second time after having already doubled his bet. For those who would like to play blackjack online with friends, it will be necessary to privilege the version of free online multiplayer blackjack , thus, you will be able to make parts with your close relations on the same table while sharing your best moves. 3D Blackjack will provide a more rewarding viewing experience for a great time of entertainment. Try out free online Blackjack to experience each version of this classic game.

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